Italian Greyhound Females


 Pictures of Happy Puppies With Happy Owners

Updated APril 2013


  Gucci, Armani, and Prada (from left to right)





Iggy Pile- the girls love to spend time piled together sleeping or just cuddling when my lap is unavailable. In this pile are Nugget, Diva, Gucci, and Scrap.





Gucci and her two daughters, Diva and Milan.

Milan is Chance's daughter and her head is very like him.

Diva is Dakota's daughter.




This is Oakview's Devil ina Blue Dress a.k.a. Gucci.

She is a blue.

Daughter of Pogo and Jake.

Gucci took home first place in the female Italian Greyhound class at a recent fun show! Jingle and Belle also placed well.

Breeding stock -retired


This is Oakview's Chantilly Lace AKA "Milan"

She is the daughter of Gucci and Chance.

She is white with a sable eye patch.

She weighs about 9 1/2 pounds as adult.

She is not for sale


This is Chanel.  She is Milan's daughter.

She is black.

She weighs about 9 pounds.

She is NOT for sale.



This is Oakview's Vera Wang  a.k.a. "VW

She is the daughter of Versachi and Checkers.  She weighs about 9 pounds.

She is a red.

Not For Sale.

Oakview's Red Ridinghood a.k.a. "Versachi"
Daughter of Twiggy and Jake and sister to Armani.
Red and white with dark masking

Not for Sale

This is Gucci and Dakota's daughter - we call her Diva. But her registered name is Oakviews Devilishly Divine.She is seal and has white markings.

She is being kept for future show prospect. She weighs about 9 pounds.



This is Dior "Oakviews Amazin Grace" .

She is Versachi and Dakota's daughter. She is a bluefawn with a blue mask.   Her the color matches sand on our dog beach.  .

NOT for Sale.



This is Fairview's Miss Bertha. She is Red. She weighs about 11 pounds- But is pregnant in this photo.

She is not for sale.

This is  Derrick's Red Tape AKA Scarlett

She is a red.  She is very pregnant in this pic, and way zoomed in. She isn't as big of a girl as she looks in photo. She weighs about 13 pounds.

She is not for sale.


This is Oakviews Blu Moon Risen  a.k.a. "Armani"

She is a daughter of Twiggy and Jake. Her full sister is Versachi. She is a Blue fawn. She loves puppies and tries to take them away from their mommas, if she gets a chance. She is a Biggie Iggy! She weighs about 19 pounds, the puppy in picture weighs 2 pounds.

She is not for sale  She has now retired.

This is Armani's last puppy.


Amores White Trash a.ka. "Trash". She has 33 champions in her five generation pedigree. She's produced many pups that have had successful show careers. "Trash" has points, but was never finished. She's red and white. retired
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